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Cost and Fees - Criminal Defense

Fees are difficult to advertise, as they are usually set on a case by case basis. For instance, on a DUI, the fees range anywhere from $1500 to $5000 depending upon what is involved. If I have to litigate a motion to suppress the Breathalyzer or blood results, lack of probable cause for the stop, etc., then it’s going to be quite involved with multiple hearings. Those types of cases are near the top of the fee situation. If it’s simply going to be a negotiated deal, then you are at the bottom.

Complex cases are charged by the hour, or by the fee, depending upon which the client chooses. In criminal defense, most people like to know what it’s going to cost for the whole case up front, and we will be glad to give you that price at our very first meeting.

Regarding civil cases, especially plaintiff’s personal injury, we are not a “huckster” law firm. We do not take 40-50% of what you recover. Our fees are generally 1/3 of whatever we get for you. Obviously, if we don’t get anything for you, we don’t get paid. Divorce and custody matters are usually charged by the hour, and would be glad to sit down with you and project to the best of our of ability, in any given situation, the cost. Please call us for a no-obligation, free consultation if you have any case where you would like to use our firm.

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Cost and Fees - Civil

When it comes to civil cases, such as contracts, injunctions, business representation etc., hourly fees will apply the same as criminal cases. However, in PERSONAL INJURY matters, the fees vary anywhere from 25-40% of the recovery we get for the client. Factors to be considered are things such as what state it is in (i.e. PA or NJ), whether the plaintiff is a juvenile or an adult, whether it is an automobile accident or a products liability case, whether it settles out of court without the need to initiate liigation, etc., etc., etc. In all these matters, the client never pays a cent out of their pocket, and only pay us if we recover money for them. All fees are spelled out in writing, signed by the attorney handling the matter before work is begun.

There are some rare instances where the firm retaines 40% of the recovery. This would be in cases where litigation was commenced, a trial ensued, liability was difficult, etc. There could be almost no circumstance where the attorneys would retain more than that.

Fees are spelled out by the attorneys in writing with no fine print.

The reason fees are posted on this website is so clients can clearly understand what is involved before they even come in.

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