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About A. Charles Peruto, Jr. Your Defense Attorney

Charles Peruto
A. CHARLES PERUTO JR.. is a Philadelphia, PA, based criminal defense Attorney celebrating his 40th year practicing law.

Many of his cases have been publicized such as his defense of Philadelphia Longshoreman Joey Coyle, who found 1.2 million dollars of unmarked cash in the middle of the street, Rodger Buehl, accused of killing Courtland Gross, his wife and maid in Montgomery County in 1982, and of course the legendary case of Gary Heidnik who imprisoned sex slaves in his basement for months.

Obviously these are not typical cases that any criminal defense attorney does on a daily basis, but they highlight the storied career of this trial lawyer.

Since high school, he followed his father, the legendary A. Charles Peruto, Sr., for so many trials that he had to switch to night school. There he learned more than he possibly could have picked up during 100 years of law school.

Under past cases of this website, you can read about past cases and some of the former trials that garnered publicity, but the fact is most cases don’t receive any attention at all.

With fees that can be reached by the average Joe, Peruto can be found in a courtroom from Philadelphia to Chester County, to Bucks out to Middlesex County, New Jersey, down to Salem County and then back up to New York City.

A member of The Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York Bars and the Federal bars in those same states, Peruto has won complete acquittals in over 350 jury trials and 3,000 non-jury trials. He has gained favorable plea bargains for clients in about 7500 other matters!

Whether it be a DUI, theft, drug case or homicide, if it occurs in Southeastern Pennsylvania or Southern New Jersey, Chuck is the go to guy for the best advice and representation you can find.

Read what the publications say about his cross examination skills, closing arguments to juries, and plea deals he has made in the countless cases over the years. As the Philadelphia Daily News said, “Peruto, Jr. is money well spent”.

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