A. Charles Peruto

A. CHARLES PERUTO, JR. has been voted, by his colleagues, to be a Pennsylvania "Super Lawyer" for the 9th year in a row! This poll has only been in existence for that period of time, and every year other lawyers have stated through their votes that A. Charles Peruto, Jr. is in the top 5% in his field throughout Pennsylvania.

Mr. Peruto has received a complete Not Guilty verdict in over 200 jury trials and 2,500 non-jury trials. He has been hired by other attorneys for the sole purpose of cross examining one or two witnesses in their cases. As can be seen on this website under "Past Cases", he has been called a "ferocious cross examiner", "gives a supreme closing argument to a Jury", and "very entertaining on an otherwise boring case".

Contrary to public opinion, he is not a drunk driving specialist, nor does he specialize in the defense of drug cases. He has however had quite a number of successes along these lines, but as can be seen from the articles posted herein, they are just a small part of his law practice.

A member of the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York Bars, he has been winning cases in excess of 25 years, having worked under his famous father since freshman year in high school. He learned, from the Grand Master himself, the art of effective cross examination, along with all other aspects in the defense of a criminal case.

In recent years much of Mr. Pertuo's time has been spent on civil litigation such as contract disputes, larger personal injury claims, and fraud cases.

His cases in the civil arena have just been reported in the lengthy article of the January 2012 issue of Playboy magazine (Where he was successful representing local weatherman John Bolaris), The Montgomery County Herald (Where he received a verdict of $950,000 where the pretrial offer from the defendants was $25,000), and other publications from years past.